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Weller WD 1000 forrasztóállomás

Weller WD 1000 forrasztóállomás

123.000,00 Ft (beleértve 27 % ÁFA)

WD 1000 Soldering Station Set
Soldering Station, Digital, 80 V, 230 V with Soldering Iron WP 80 (80 W)

The Weller Silver Line Series has been developed for electronic experts. The tip temperature is electronically controlled. The maximum temperature is 450°C (WSD 151 550°C) within a tolerance of ±2%. With the antistatic properties of the power unit and the soldering iron the stations meet all current requirements of ESD safety. Potential balance of the soldering tip can be effected by a plug. All electronically controlled Weller tools can be connected up to the maximum power of the according station. The automatic tool recognition provides the optimal settings of the tools.

Top Attributes

  • Microprocessor-controlled soldering station in a modern ergonomic design for Weller soldering tools up to 80 V
  • Temperature control 50°C–450°C
  • Big LC display
  • Three fixed temperatures can be assigned with the temperature buttons.
  • The following settings are possible without any accessory unit: custom-designed calibration function, programmable temperature decrease (setback), interlock functions
    and remote ID for ISO applications.
  • The antistatic design of the safety rest has got four different settings.
  • The soldering tools themselves are recognised automatically by the WD 1 power unit and the corresponding control parameter assigned.
  • Protection class I (control unit), protection class III (soldering iron)
  • Equipotential bonding (normal state hard grounded)
  • Dimensions: 134 x 108 x 147 mm (L x W x H)


Weller WD 1000 Adatlap ENG

Weller WD 1 forrasztó állomás Robbantott ábra



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